Zoom Consultation Appointments

Dr. Thompson & Dr. Dogris $250/Hour

In these one-on-one sessions, Dr. Dogris or Dr. Thompson work directly with clinicians via Zoom and review individual cases, walking through raw data, an array of assessment modalities (EEGLab and all its accoutrements, WinEEG, ERP data, Independent Components Artifacting, various spectra, Neurofield EEG, Neuroguide, etc.), and then give recommendations for treatment protocols. There is a maximum of three cases considered per consultation call.

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Half Hour Session Package

4 x 30 minute scheduled sessions = $500 ($125 each)

Full Hour Session Package

4 x 60 minute scheduled sessions = $1000 ($250 each)


Consultation Services

For clinicians seeking to learn more and have their work cut down, we are pleased to offer This Limited Time consultation service! Don’t miss out and take advantage of this offer by booking today!

What this Package includes

4 individualed Zoom Meetings

Schedule of appointments will be dependent upon calendar availability. After completing the check out process, you'll receive an order confirmation email. Please call the contact number in the order details and provide that to the receptionist to further schedule your appointments.

The Doctors

Please let the receptionist know when scheduling your appointment your preference of choice to be seen with Dr. Tiff Thompson Ph.D, QEEG-D, BCN, MFT, R.GEEG.T. or Dr. Nicholas Dogris Ph.D, BCN, QEEG-D.

Maximize vALUE & Time

The doctors are very busy and due to time constraints, it's best to have your cases and data ready from the start to maximize the value of the consultation and get the results and recommendations from the doctors in a timely manner.