Tiff Thompson

Neurotherapy for PTSD and Developmental Trauma with Tiff Thompson, PHD, MFT, QEEGD, REEGT, BCN



Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has a historical background as ‘hysteria” and “shell shock” in the early 1900s, meanwhile early life traumas (abuse, molestation, witnessing of violence in the home, etc.) have marked individuals with traumas as long as the human species has existed. This lecture covers the neurological findings of early life trauma and trauma experienced as adults, to provide the neurotherapy clinician the eyes to see marks of trauma in the EEG, the QEEG, and in ICA. The use of neuromodulatory approaches and humanistic approaches to address the humanity of the psychological wounds is covered, as well.

In this lecture, participants will learn:

  1. Neurological network activity that is disturbed by trauma
  2. Markers in the EEG and QEEG of trauma