Guest Speaker Lecture Series with Adrian Van Deusen (February 23, 2023)


Topic of discussion:

BrainDx Neurometrics: Still Novel after all these Years


Guest Speaker Lecture Series

Date: February 23, 2023

Time: 9 am – 10 am (Pacific Standard Time)

BrainDx Neurometrics: Still Novel after all these Years

The first generation of pioneers in our field are almost all now gone, and the present generation entering as students can be benchmarked as either 4th or 5th generation researchers and clinicians in the field now amply named Neurotherapy. It’s an appropriate time to discuss and present the lineage of Neurometrics to an audience of rising professionals, from the point of view of a research project, which was validated and grew over decades until finally manifesting as multiple clinical products; showing still today its usefulness, specificity and accessibility.
The BrainDx Report Generator, Legacy edition is the latest and the last planned installable software product offered from this lineage of many researchers who’ve added their acquired knowledge and cohort data to a singular reference repository. This talk will present the BrainDx Report Generator software from within the viewpoint of its historical arc, touching on some of the important decisions that were made upon scientific principles during the seminal times, and that are still debated today as the field of study of human brain psychophysiology progresses.

Having worked in the field of applied psychophysiology and neurotherapies since 1995; first as an educational professional, then as a clinical supervisor, and since 2001 as a business owner as well as content creator, Adrian works to create test and commercialized physiological interfaces as applied by healthcare, education and artistic/athletic professionals through neurofeedback and biofeedback paradigms. He is a published scientific author from his experience in experiment design with doctoral candidates. His product focus is in digital signal processing applied to, game theory. and thus in quantifying the human experience. His 20 year career has thus far been a productive one in terms of fomenting growth and critical thinking in the fields of experimental and applied psychophysiology.