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Benefits Available to Golden Members

Golden Member Benefits apply to 1 person per membership.

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Case Studies Group (8 sessions per season) 

$1,000 Annual Value | Free with Golden Membership

The quarterly case studies group is an online, 2 hour, 8 session forum in which clinicians present their toughest cases. In these recorded sessions, Dr. Nick Dogris and Dr. Tiff Thompson walk through raw data, an array of assessment modalities (EEGLab and its accouterments, WinEEG, NeuroField ERP, Independent Components Analysis, NeuroField EEG etc.), while discussing the current-day thought process involved with protocol selection.

ERP’s Study Group  (8 sessions per season) 

$1,000 Annual Value | Free with Golden Membership

The event-related potentials study group alternates with the eeg case studies as an online 1-hour study group that provides participants with opportunities for in-depth analysis of ERP data using EEGLab, NeuroField ERP, and NeuroField EEG. Event-related potentials are time-locked events that are used to determine your patient’s level of cognitive flexibility and reaction time.

NeuroFam Hot Topics 

$385 Value | Free with Golden Membership

These are some of the topics requested by the NeuroTribe for 2024. We heard you! And we want you to be happy. That’s why we’re offering an EXCLUSIVE, free series for Golden and Platinum Members ONLY.

Topics this year range from the “Neuroscience of Spirituality” to “Foundational Research in Neurostimulation.” Each month you can tune in to learn about a new, interesting topic in the field of Neurotherapy.

Catch Up with Nick 

$385 Value | Free with Golden Membership

This monthly meeting was inspired by the break-neck speed of NeuroField’s innovations and the need to keep up! In this monthly update, Nick will speed people up on the latest and greatest protocols, what’s working well (and what isn’t), the new developments coming down the pike for the software and hardware, the newest revelations that are made in connectivity metrics, ERP processing, ICA, EEG and QEEG, the application of all stimulation modalities and their blended variations, and more. Every month will present an opportunity to catch up!

Neurostim for Clinical Profiles 

$385 Value | Free with Golden Membership

Are you wondering what kind of protocols various presentations of conditions respond to? This lecture series features the tag team of Nick and Tiff, where Tiff will detail the profiles seen in various conditions (e.g. the 9 profiles of ADHD, the 12 profiles of anxiety, etc.) and Nick will discuss protocols he finds most effective in changing the condition’s presentation and it’s corollary symptoms.

Guest Lectures (monthly) *

Free with Golden Membership

Influencers in the field of neuroscience and neurotherapy will be lecturing on a monthly basis on varying modalities of neurofeedback and computational neuroscience. This season will be featuring the creators of EEGLab, academics of neurology and psychology, a neurosurgeon, innovators, and the pioneers of neurofeedback.

Discounted Training 

$270 Savings with Golden Membership

  • 10% off BootCamp Training
  • 10% off Advanced Training

Staff Discount – Golden Membership 

$1500 Value | 85% Savings with Golden Membership

Golden Memberships for additional qualifying staff persons can be purchased at $225 each. Contact us for details.

What else comes with a Golden Membership Plan?

Tech Support (M-F, 8am – 5pm PST) : our software support team assists with the installing, upgrading, and troubleshooting of various softwares, including Neurofield EEG, Neurofield 64, Neurofield ERP and Matlab/EEGlab.

Software Upgrades: The NeuroField software suite often has upgrades to improve the user experience, as well as the patient experience. Each software update also improves and fine-tunes the efficacy of application. The golden membership ensures you will always have access to the newest Neurofield software with technical support as needed.