Price Bundle – Conference at the Beach with Bootcamp ‘Reloaded’ 2.0


The Fifth Neurotherapy Conference 2023

$600 — Online

$850 — 3-Day Conference

$285/day — Select Single-Day or Two-Day attendance

Bundle Prices available for Pre-Conference and Post-Conference Trainings


The School of Neurotherapy “Reloaded” 2.0 BootCamp Training | November 6-10, 2023




Bundle The Bootcamp ‘Reloaded’ 2.0 Training, after the Conference.

Package Price: $2600 USD

NOW ONLY:  $2250 USD


The NeuroField 2.0 5-day Bootcamp is more than just a refresher for clinicians who have taken the Neurofield Basic training in the past. This seminar is designed to get clinicians and technicians up to speed on the use of noise (pink/ brown/white) in the clinical application of stimulation, creating your own customized protocols for your clients. In addition, this deep dive takes you beyond simple EEG and QEEG analysis into the advanced techniques of Independent Components Analysis and Event Related Potential testing, for a higher level of applied computational neuroscience.

Designed with clinicians of all levels in mind, this course will teach you multiple techniques and procedures through didactic lectures and hands-on training.

Dr. Nicholas Dogris and Dr. Tiff Thompson will teach you advanced neurostimulation, analysis, and neurofeedback procedures from the ground up. This intensive experience will challenge you and help you advance your knowledge in the field of neuromodulation and neurostimulation.

The training will begin with teaching you how to use the NeuroField EEG software platform, including raw analysis and the generation of quantitative data in the form of power analyses and Independent Components Analysis. This process is the first step in the decision tree of how to treat the condition at hand.

NeuroField64 combines a series of forms of neuromodulation: Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field stimulation (pEMF), transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), transcranial alternating current stimulation(tACS), Pink Noise and Brown Noise, as well as transcranial random noise stimulation stimulation (tRNS) modalities.

Finally, you will learn how to use the Neurofield Event-Related Potentials software, designed to help you measure brain responses that are the direct result of a specific stimulus. One key advantage of ERP methods is that they provide measures of neural activity with very high temporal resolution.

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