Aperiodic Noise in the Brain and Universe with Tiff Thompson, Ph.D, MFT, QEEGD, BCN




LIVE ONLINE EVENT | OCTOBER 16th, 2023 | 9 AM – 10 AM (PST)

This talk covers the fundamentals between signal (i.e. EEG rhythms and pat- terns) and aperiodic noise in the brain and the latest findings of aperiodicity, as well as its clinical application. In the infancy and childhood of life, there are rapid changes in the complexity and diversity of neurons and neuronal connections. At the same time there is lessening aperiodic activity and in- creasing oscillatory frequencies and signals occurring throughout the span of childhood, while overall amplitude decreases. By seniority, the signal to noise ratio is relatively flattened (i.e. periodic noise increases), reflecting in lessened neuroplasticity, resiliency, and malleability to change.