Use & Misuse of Montages with Tiff Thompson, Ph.D, MFT, QEEGD, REEGT, BCN



LIVE ONLINE EVENT – September 26, 2022 – 2 PM-4 PM (PST)

The arrangement of EEG channels on the display, defined by the active and reference electrodes, are called montagesThere are several montages used commonly in EEG. Because EEG analysis is always relative to its reference, the skilled practitioner must know how to view the data via different montages to gain a clear perspective on their client’s EEG. Certain pathologies and abnormalities can be seen only in certain montages, and neurotypical findings can be viewed erroneously through the wrong montages. This lecture covers the most important and widely-used montages and their utility, as well as the errors and false positives they can create. These findings will be shown in both raw and quantitative analyses. Particular weight will be given to a common error that plagues the field of neurotherapy: linked ears reference contamination creating false measures of coherence.

The montages this lecture will cover includes bi-polar (transverse, longitudinal and circumference), common reference, average reference, Laplacian, ipsilateral mastoid, and linked ears montages, revealing strengths and weaknesses of each.


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September 26, 2022