Transcranial Stimulation Modalities for Beginners

ONLINE • THURSDAY & FRIDAY, 8:00 AM TO 10:00 AM EACH DAY • JULY 22 & 23, 2021

In this this course, you will learn how to harness the exceptional strength of the NeuroField Genesis stimulation device in clinical practice. You will learn the difference between tDCS, transcranial alternating current (frequency), and the three forms of noise: brown, pink, and white. These modalities produce quantifiable change in the EEG and ERP measurements, as well as subjective changes in your clients.

Our software boasts hundreds of stimulation protocols, as well as manual control, which allows clinicians to manipulate the modalities, frequencies and noise given on a customizable format. The ability to create your own protocols will open a world of possibility in what you can do for your clients’ needs.

Event Details

Start date: July 22, 2021

End date: July 23, 2021