QEEG Practicum

The Practicum is included with the full QEEG Certification Course. If you have already purchased the full course, you do not need to purchase this chapter again. To enroll, please email schoolofneurotherapy@gmail.com. Enrollment is subject to approval by the School of Neurotherapy’s program administrator.

The practicum, necessary for the completion of the QEEG didactic learning, will be a live interactive, hands-on segment covering:

A. Types of artifact detection (1 hour)

B. The recording of EEGs (1 hour)

C. EEG analysis (including advanced interpretative techniques to avoid misdiagnosis and

the skillful use of montages) (2 hours)

D. Recognizing pathological signatures, (1 hour) and

E. Introduction to various neurofeedback and neuromodulation modalities (1 hour).

Please ensure you’ve completed the entire QEEG course by the time you take the practicum.