Psychodynamics of EEG



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This lecture is tailored towards the mental health care practitioner with interest in psychotherapy, psychodynamics, EEG and humanism.  EEG in Depth is the theory of Dr. Thompson’s doctoral dissertation, which draws connections between Jungian lenses of psychodynamic principles and EEG, drawing relation between Jung’s collective unconscious and the frequencies of delta, Jung’s personal unconscious and the frequencies in the theta range, the theories of active imagination, meditation and “the bridge” between conscious and unconscious realms and alpha, the ego and beta, and states of actualization and gamma.
Drawing from case studies, human psychological acts, such as compensation (a natural process of reestablishing a certain balance in the psyche), dream, shadow, complex, repressions and suppressions, “self” vs. “Self,” and synchronicity will be explored in the dimensions of raw and quantitative EEG, as well as components in Independent Component Analysis. 

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June 3, 2022, November 4, 2022