Neurotherapy for Peak Performance and Spirituality with Tiff Thompson, Ph.D, MFT, QEEGD, REEGT, BCN



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LIVE ONLINE EVENT – August 4, 2022 – 9AM-11AM (PST)

“Not every tree stands straight,” and practitioners in the field of EEG should know the variations from “normal” that some extraordinary people display. Healers, psychics, meditators and metaphysical practitioners may show a variation of normal that indicates the type or level of their prowess. Similarly, the powerhouse executive or athlete may show a profile that gives showing to their disposition as a go-getter, including profiles of high energy and drive. How to see the extraordinary human in the EEG is an interesting and timely lens for the modern neurotherapist.

In this lecture, participants will learn:

  1. How to profile the peak performer, and
  2. How to enhance the brains of spiritual and executive level power houses

Two (2) Continuing Education (CE) Hours are available upon completion of this course. There is an additional fee for CEs.
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August 4, 2022