BCIA Certification Course – All 10 chapters


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This course includes:

  • How-to videos of patient setups
  • Quizzes and practice exams to test your knowledge
  • Videos of the founders in the field discussing their contributions
  • Self-paced modules

36 CE hours available


BCIA Certification (BCN & BCN-T)


The BCIA Board Certification in Neurofeedback is a fundamental certification recognizing individuals who have demonstrated competency in the field of Neurofeedback. This online module is the 36-hour didactic course necessary for final accreditation.

The BCN certification is available to individuals who have a bachelor’s degree in a healthcare field, the Technician level certification (BCN-T) is available for individuals without a bachelor’s level degree in a healthcare field.

BCIA Certification Overview

  1. Orientation to NFB (4 hours)
  2. Basic Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology (4 hours)
  3. Instrumentation and Electronics (4 hours)
  4. Research Evidence Base for Neurofeedback (2 hours)
  5. Psychopharmacological Considerations (2 hours)
  6. Patient/Client Assessment & Intake (4 hours)
  7. Developing Treatment Protocols (6 hours)
  8. Treatment Implementation (6 hours)
  9. Current Trends in NFB (2 hours)
  10. Ethics and Professional Conduct (2 hours)

Steps to earning your BCN or BCN-T
The order of 3 through 5 need not be sequential.

  1. Submit an application to the BCIA
  2. Pay the $150 registration fee
  3. Take a live or online Neuroanatomy, Neurophysiology, or Physiological Psychology course and provide a transcript or proof of successful completion.
  4. Take a 36-hour didactic training course.
  5. Find a BCN-Approved Mentor and complete/document the following sessions:
    • 25 contact hours, 2 of which must be face-to-face. In these sessions, the mentor must document and sign off that the mentee has completed:
    • Personal Neurofeedback Training Demonstrating Ability to Self Regulate – 10 sessions
    • Clinical Neurofeedback Treatment with Clients/Patients – 100 sessions
    • Neurofeedback Case Studies with mentor – 10 Presentations (BCIA will also allow 1 contact hour and 2 case conference presentation hours if mentees attend BCIA Neurofeedback webinars)
  6. Register and take the exam.



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BCIA Certification

Self-paced – All 10 Chapters

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