Megan Simpson, LCMHC, BCN, LCMHC, BCN



Clinical Specialities: Children and Adolescents with trauma, autism

Mentorship Fees/Cost Per Session: $85 per 50 minute session

Phone number: (828) 713-0939

Email Address:

Before founding Pathfinder Neurocounseling, Megan worked as a play therapist and consultant with children and adults on the autism spectrum. Her work took her around the U.S., Canada and England to educate families on the benefits of play therapy. During her travels, she noticed a handful of families and children who showed drastic improvements — families who were using neurofeedback. Thus, Megan’s passion for neuroscience and neurofeedback was born. 

In 2012, Megan began using neurofeedback therapy in her work with adolescents struggling with symptoms of trauma. She saw firsthand the dramatic improvements that can occur when combining other therapies with the regulation of the brain through neurocounseling. She has been helping others through neurofeedback ever since. Megan is a licensed mental health counselor and is board certified and an approved BCIA mentor in neurofeedback. She holds a Master’s of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Western Carolina University. In 2018, Megan became a published author of a refereed journal article, Working with Developmental trauma: Results of neurofeedback training with adolescent females and counseling implications.

She has extensive experience facilitating national and international conferences and enjoys the collaboration with participants and practitioners from many fields.  She believes these types of partnerships and encounters will propel the neurofeedback and biofeedback community forward.

Neurotherapy Modalities: I provide neurofeedback using Brainmaster Technologies as well as EEGer systems.  I incorporate Heart Rate Variability (HRV) training into my sessions as well. I also use the QEEG assessment as a first order of conceptualizing and client among other neurocognitive assessments and client reporting to guide my protocols.  My QEEG database is the New Mind Maps through Dr. Richard Soutar who I have been working with bi-weekly for about two years.