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Laura Childers, MA,LPC, BCN, QEEG-D, CCPS candidate


Clinical License #: 13280

Clinical Specialities: ADHD, addiction, anxiety, depression, PTSD, DID, medication and treatment resistant clients, peak performance 

Professional Organizations: AAPB, ISNR, APSATS

Mentorship Fees/Cost Per Session: 120

Phone Number: 832-787-0282. Office or 713-702-2977 Cell 

Email Address: Lchilders@ethosbhg.com


I feel great passion for the work that I do and I have a constant drive to improve my skills. My work is holistic, taking into account the mind, body and relationship and so I work from a bio psychosocial model. My clients have often had numerous treatment failures.  They feel frustrated and sometimes hopeless. I work hard, do my research and mentor when needed to get to answers that can help my clients to feel some relief. I have worked to become efficient and effective in my work, desiring to save my clients time and money where possible.  It’s a joy to see improvement and hope in the eyes of my clients. I love my work. 


Neurotherapy Modalities: CES, Transcranial Stimulation Techniques (tACS, tDCS, tRNS), Photobiomodulation, Neurofield Genesis, PEMF, mitsar ERP