Gay Teurman, Psy.d., MFT, BCN


Clinical License #: MFC40076

Clinical Specialities: Neurofeedback/biofeedback

Professional Organizations: Association for applied psychophysiology and biofeedback (Aapb), California Marriage and Family Therapist (CAMFT)

Mentorship Fees/Cost Per Session: $150 per hour

Phone Number: (916) 662 -7740

Email Address:


Dr. Gay Teurman, MFT, BCN is a Doctor of clinical psychology with her Master’s in marriage and family therapy and is BCIA board certified as a Neurofeedback practitioner.  Dr. Teurman currently is the Director and founder of Brain Health Clinic in East Sacramento, California, USA.  The Brain Health Clinic is a health psychology clinic that specializes in Traumatic brain injury, memory loss, post-traumatic stress disorder, post concussive syndrome, chronic depression/anxiety and many other conditions with holistic treatment interventions.  In addition, Dr. Teurman has held the position as the Chief for Student Engagement for the Professional School of Psychology and adjunct professor for the Professional School of Psychology. 


Dr. Teurman also has extensive experience in the areas of program planning and development, and the formulation of state regulations and professional mental health standards as they relate to client treatment, patient rights and client/patient confidentiality, and related ethical issues. Dr. Teurman has substantial experience in conducting clinical assessments, co-occurring disorders, clinical supervision and health psychology. She frequently makes presentations to professional audiences on various psychological issues and provides training sessions on psychological assessment and research. Dr Teurman also has broad-based experience in government system analysis and implementation of community-based legislation. 


Dr. Teurman is a former Board Member of a local Alcohol and Drug Recovery transition/residential facility where she served as the Chief Financial Officer. She is a member of CAMFT, Sacramento Valley Psychological Association, is an Executive Certified Coach, and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with the Board of Behavioral Science Examiners. Dr Teurman was a Conference creator, facilitator, and presenter at the Statewide School to World Conference in 2007 and 2009. She has also been asked to present on health psychology measures abroad.


Neurotherapy Modalities: Loreta/Z-Score;Transcranial Stimulation Techniques (tACS, tDCS, tRNS);Photobiomodulation;NeuroGuide;Neurofield Genesis;LENS/Biomat, Biofeedback, Nexus