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Dr. Marina van der Ryst, Phd, EEG technician, BCIA, QEEG-Diplomate


Clinical Specialities: Anxiety, depression  & Sleep regulation. Cognitive training and executive function

Mentorship Fees/Cost Per Session: Between $90 to $110

Email Address: neurofeedback@drvdryst.co.za


I obtained my PHD in Psychology at the University of Pretoria, South Africa in 1995.  I completed Post-Master diploma studies at the University of Johannesburg in Neuro-psychology and –physiology.

During this period I completed my Advanced Level III Hypnosis Certificate and have used this tool effectively for a wide variety of problems.  

I now use it in conjunction with Neurofeedback training with good effect.  My passion for Neuroscience, the human brain and its role in human behaviour have led me to specialize into the field of Neuropsychology and I also testified in court as a forensic expert in this domain. My practice expanded into the field of Clinical Neurofeedback since 2005 and since then I became a fulltime Neurofeedback practitioner using various forms of modalities. In 2019 I qualified as an EEG Technician and shortly thereafter became a QEEG-Diplomate. I have been a BCIA mentor since 2018 and have started providing mentoring in the QEEG since 2020. 

Neurotherapy Modalities: Power training, Z Scores (2-9 channels), 19ch ZScores, sLoreta, ISF, ISFsLoreta, QEEG