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Both Basic and Golden Members Get The Neurofield Neurotherapy Basics

The Neurofield Neurotherapy Basics, is a baker’s dozen of courses that show practitioners how to administer Neurofeedback and neuromodulation using the Neurofield system. This collection of courses includes instruction on the application low intensity (pEMF) stimulation, transcranial direct current and alternating current stimulation (tDCS/tACS), heart rate variability (HRV), and electroencephalography (EEG), and much, much more. Learn More

Golden Members enjoy complimentary access to the following courses and events:

Event-Related Potentials (ERP) Study Groups

Offered each quarter, The Event-Related Potential (ERP) Study Group is a two-hour, 8-week study group that provides participants with opportunities for in-depth analysis of ERP data using EEGLab, Neurofield ERP, and Neurofield EEG. Event-related potentials are time-locked events that are used to determine your patients’ level of cognitive flexibility and reaction time. This modality of assessment is of unique import to client demographics, such as TBI, age-related cognitive decline, childhood disorders, learning disorders, and the like. This course is for intermediate to advanced practitioners who are ready to integrate the gold standard of computational neuroscience into their arsenal. Learn More

Case Studies Group

The quarterly Case Studies Group is an online, 8-week forum in which clinicians present their toughest cases. In these recorded sessions, Drs. Nick Dogris and Tiff Thompson walk through raw data, an array of assessment modalities (EEGLab and all its accouterments, WinEEG, Neurofield ERP, Independent Components Analysis, Neurofield EEG, Neuroguide, etc.), and then discuss the current-day thought process involved with protocol selection. 

This is a great way for practitioners who want to get up to speed on the newest means of computational neuroanalysis, as well as neuromodulation interventions, NeuroField innovations, neurostimulation protocols, neurofeedback, and biofeedback bells and whistles, treatment modalities, and other tips and tricks that keep us excited. Learn More

Clinical Application of Stimulation

This course is for all those who yearn to apply neurostimulation in their clinics and for those who already use neurostimulation in their clinics and need a refresher. This course focuses on the use of stimulation as a stand-alone tool (and in concert with other neurotherapy modalities). Learn More

Special Topics Lectures

Each month, Dr. Tiff Thompson, Ph.D., presents an in-depth lecture on a specific condition, presenting both the profiles of the condition and exploring best practices for blending neurotherapy with other modalities to support specific conditions. Learn More