Course Category: NeuroField Bootcamp (46 Hrs)

Becoming educated in NeuroField technology and clinical
application is becoming educated in the field of neuromodulation (i.e.
neurostimulation). These courses and online educational portal prepare the
licensed clinician to address real-life clinical cases with cutting edge neurostimulation
technology, as well
as the powerful combination of synchronized neurofeedback and neurostimulation.

Bootcamp: xx Lectures            xx CE Hours                       xx Hands on Videos

Module 19: Neurofield Real Time Z-Score Neurofeedback (3 hours)

Real Time Z-Score Neurofeedback is a synchronized
neurofeedback and neurostimulation method. This method is best used for deviant
Z-score surface maps that match the client’s clinical presentation. This will
be demonstrated in the Standard and progressive scan (“cattle prod”) formats.