For clinicians seeking to learn more and have their work cut down, we are pleased to offer consultation services.

To Schedule a Consultation appointment or request an QEEG Analysis Report, please call our offices at (805)453-6190.

Zoom Consultation Appointments – Dr. Thompson and Dr. Dogris $250/Hour

In these one-on-one sessions, Dr. Dogris or Dr. Thompson work directly with clinicians via  Zoom and review individual cases, walking through raw data, an array of assessment modalities (EEGLab and all its accoutrements, WinEEG, ERP data, Independent Components Artifacting, various spectra, Neurofield EEG, Neuroguide, etc.), and then give recommendations for treatment protocols. There is a maximum of three cases considered per consultation call.

EEG and Quantitative EEG Treatment Plan and Protocol Development: $200/Per Case

Send us your raw EEG data for editing (eyes open and eyes closed) and patient summary. Dr. Dogris will process your data offline, create a data-only NeuroField report, and provide treatment recommendations given the equipment you have.

Zoom hour + Full QEEG Analysis Report: $850/Per Case

Dr. Thompson will review your eyes open and eyes closed EEG data, as well as client symptoms, and create an in-depth QEEG Analysis Report. These reports are usually 18-30 pages in length, and are written in a language true to empirical neuroscience, but tailored to the lay person, so that the patient can understand. Please book these reports in advance, as schedules fill up quickly.

Protocol Only: $100/Per Case

For clinicians seeking only a neurostimulation protocol for their patient, send an email with eyes open and eyes closed data, accompanied with the symptoms presented. Within 48 hours, we will send over a treatment protocol, tailored to the equipment you have. Please let us know in advance if there are any treatment preferences (i.e. neurofeedback over neurostimulation) and we will tailor our recommendations to those limitations.